"A company focused on 24 x 7 reliability"


TELEDAC INC. has manufactured message generators and video billboards since 1978. Our products have gained wide acceptance which started with the Canadian cable TV industry. Within the last 10 years, applications have emerged throughout North America in the corporate, public building, school, hospital, and government markets. Today, Teledac equipment is often part of the communication solution provided by local Pro AV Systems Integrators.

A considerable portion of the company's revenues is allocated to a continuous research and development program. IRISTEXT, our product line, is constantly upgraded and refined with new features and innovations. At the same time, Teledac insists on continuous reliability improvement.

Iristext hardware  24 x 7 reliability

IRISTEXT products are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a useful life of 15 to 20 years. To achieve this level of reliability, Teledac uses a proprietary video processor board. All items subject to mechanical usage, such as cooling fans and hard disks, have been eliminated from the main unit. Pages are stored in non-volatile electronic memory which is protected from power failure by a replaceable lithium battery. Careful design has restricted components to those items specific to message generation. Furthermore, the dependability of the electronic parts has been increased by reducing energy consumption which permits an internal operating temperature significantly lower than that of personal computers.

During manufacture, each IRISTEXT unit is subjected to a severe 7-day high temperature"burn-in" process. We can identify and replace any defective components before they leave the plant. At the final stage, the unit is finish-assembled with the options ordered by the client. Before shipment, the system is calibrated, fully tested and given a serialized product number. An order-specific control form details all the relevant parameters. So, there is a useful reference whenever the user requires assistance or needs to upgrade the system.

Bypassing the weak link: peripherals

For high resolution still video pictures and video file broadcasting, Teledac uses magnetic hard disk storage and an industrial grade computer. Without reducing the overall system dependability, this option is interconnected as a peripheral to the IRISTEXT main unit in such a way that it is automatically bypassed in the event of most partial or full peripheral failures.

The use of a separate peripheral unit also allows you to stay "on air" with alpha-graphic pages while the peripheral unit is serviced.

These are just some of the reasons why, for more than 35 years, Teledac has been the choice of clients who want "the right message at the right time".



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